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 Home Staging Tips
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Before you put your residence on the market, consider a surefire way to sell your house: professional home staging. Some advantages to home staging include less time on the market and higher bids. If you want to sell your home quickly, go for a thoroughly thought out home staging strategy.

Think of staging your house as creating an "image" for your house like a manager would do for a high profile client.

If your house is vacant, consider temporary furniture. You want your house to seem cozy as opposed to deserted. More months on the market are sure signs of homes that lacked being staged. As a successful sales associate for Orange Harbor, I can help you stage your house so that your home sells as quickly as possible. Making ready your property to sell doesn't have to be an annoying experience. Together, we'll work to get a high bid for your home.

The Orange Harbor Sales Team is Ready to Work for You!

Below are a few home staging pointers to get going:

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your first chance to make a great first impression on buyers from a street perspective.  Understanding this assists us in determining what steps we can take to entice buyers from the street and into your home. If your house isn't attractive on the outside with refreshed paint and colorful garden plants, it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and increase your house's final selling price.

Curb Appeal Checklist >

Welcome Home

Does your home seem to say, "This is Your New Home" to a buyer? Examine your house with a critical eye. Remove items that give the illusion of cluter. Surface areas like tables, desks and counters should be clutter-free. Brick-a-brack, sentimental items, family photos, and play time works of art should get stored away too. Ask your sales associate how to de-clutter your house.

Look at the best features of your home: Should some furniture be removed, do the walls need fresh paint or are the carpets worn? Small improvements can make a big impact on the sale of your home.

Potential buyers expect a home that draws them in with charm. Decor that could be unsightly should be put away in order for your property to impress buyers.

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