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Selling A Home In Orange Harbor



Selling homes in a newly formed resident owned community like Orange Harbor can become confusing; however, it is really quite simple. Here are the rules:

1. All residents can sell their own homes themselves.

 2. Residents who decide they do not want to sell the home themselves can hire someone to do it for them, depending on whether they own real property or rent their lot. 
  • If a resident rents their lot, then a person with a dealer's license needs to sell their home.
  • If a resident owns a share which is the same as a deed in Florida, then they must have a licensed Realtor® sell their home.

Again, when reading the above information, be sure to note that residents can sell their home themselves, but if a resident doesn't want to sell the home, then they need to make sure that whoever is doing it for them has the proper licenses.

Orange Harbor Home Sales by Barefoot Realty Group sells both real property and homes on rented lots.  Agent Paul Rugenstein is a licensed Broker/Associate in Florida while Agents Carol Legg, Harriet Brandt and Bill Ignatuk are licensed Realtors®. All can sell real property.  In addition, these salespeople can sell homes on rented lots as they are agents under Barefoot Realty's dealer's license. Any of the sales staff can sell homes or shares owned by Orange Harbor Co-op.  So if you are purchasing a home that doesn't have a share attached, see one of the sales team and they will assist you with buying a share for your lot.